“Writing is easy. You just stare at a blank page until drops of blood form on your forehead.”

Ernest Hemingway

Familiar feeling?

Having the Video Script Power Pack means you’ll never waste time wondering what to write again.

These 8 templates have been tried and tested over years of video marketing to not just make script writing simple… but make sure you KNOW they’ll convert.

8 High-Converting Video Templates
Preparing You For Any Sales Challenge

Template #1:

Video Sales Letter

Tried, tested and proven over more than 30 launches,
this template has been used to generat millions of
dollars online. Use it for yourself, use it for your clients,
and get great conversions with none of the effort.

Template #2:

Upsell Video

Keep your upsells short, simple, and still generate
massive conversions. This template can multiply
the money you make from your funnel…
and all in less than 10 minutes of video.

Template #3:

Downsell Video

A customer saying no doesn’t mean you need
to give up… especially when you’ve got this
downsell template.

Template #4:

Website Welcome Video

Nothing makes such a good impression on new visitors
as simply saying hello. This template will give them
a great first encounter, while subtly pushing them
to buy whatever you offer.

Template #5:

Presell Video

Get your prospects ready to open their wallets and
mentally prepare them to buy whatever it is you are
trying to sell. This “fill in the blanks” template lets you
warm up your prospects and make them ready for
the offer you’re about to make them.

Template #6:

Infomercial Style Web Commercial

Why do people pay $1,000,000+ for infomercial slots?
Because they WORK. And with this template,
they’ll work for you, too.

Template #7:

Animated Explainer Video

Use this template to create short, fun, animated
videos that explain your product or service in
60 seconds or less.

Template #8:

Squeeze Page Video

Build your email and messenger list fast with this
high-converting template. It’s been used across a huge
variety of niches and seen great results almost every time.

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